Q&A July 2022

Jul 17, 2022    Joe Edwards-Hoff

Questions looked at in this Q&A:
0:00 - Introduction
2:05 - What is the proper way to put a body to rest? Burial, cremation, or as the state of Washington now allows - composting?
4:42 - What does the Bible say about modesty? Are exposing ripped jeans fine, etc?
10:17 - Can you explain women keeping silent as discussed in 1st Corinthians 14:34-35?
14:54 - Why can’t a woman be a pastor?
30:24 - Scenario- A women who is a lesbian gets saved. She has a child with her
lesbian spouse and wants to serve in children ministry. Does she get divorced?
33:08 - Should the church allow someone who is LGBTQ to serve and/or lead the church?
38:28 - How can there only be one way when there are so many religions?
41:49 - Why did God even create us? The world? Was He bored? What was the purpose because God doesn't need anything, He's God
44:33 - Masturbation is being taught as acceptable behavior in schools, how can I explain that is wrong?
52:42 - How to break free from pornograpghy and the shame that it brings?
1:01:00 - Does the Bible actually say anything about abortion? (Exodus 21:22-25, not Numbers.)
1:09:30 - What does the Bible say about Cessationism, specifically prophecy?