Q&A June 2022

Jun 5, 2022    Joe Edwards-Hoff

Q&A Questions-
1:45 - One of my friends from a different youth group I go to reads “The Passion” Translation and it got me thinking, is this one of the translations of the Bible I should be cautious of? Why or why not?
5:55 - When did the Jews not live in Israel anymore and why?
8:45 - How are things properly dated? Like manuscripts or writings on stones?
12:30 - How do you know when you’ve found a suitable spouse?
15:55 - Is it a sin to pray to the Virgin Mary and Saints?
20:15 - If a baby dies, is it a baby, a young child or an adult in heaven?
23:10 - Where do you start with someone who has absolutely no background in the Bible, theology, or what we believe?
23:10 - Why can I trust the Bible? Hasn't it been changed?
33:20 - How can I know what my spiritual gift is?
39:00 - How do you feel about people falling asleep in church?
42:18 - Does it really matter what our views on Creation are? Can we believe in evolution and still be good Christians?
48:19 - Did Adam have a belly button?
49:10 - Can I be saved if I keep committing the same sin?
53:50 - Where did Moses cross the Red Sea?
57:25 - How old should you be before you start dating?
1:02:30 - How do I rely on God’s strength and spirit to get me through trials and temptations?
1:05:00 - Should we play Bethel/Hillsong/Elevation music?