Q&A January 2021

Jan 26, 2021    Joe Edwards-Hoff

Some of the questions asked tonight include-

Faith vs believing? (Romans 10:9)

How can we help new believers in their early walk so they don't get discouraged and fall away?

How would you (Hoff) witness to someone? What tactics do you use?

It is said in the bible to not be unequally yoked, but it is a common thing. So what advice would you give to that person in that relationship who is the Christian and is trying to share the gospel to their spouse who is a non-believer/believes in a different religion?

Mark 6:8-7 Jesus tells them to take nothing but a staff but in Luke 9:1-3 it tells them not to take a staff. Is this a contradiction?

Why does James say that a man is justified by works in James 2:24.

Did Jesus ride on one donkey or two in his triumphal entry? (Zechariah 9:9)

Were there any real churches during the time that the Catholic Church was ruling since it’s assumed to be the main church?

I want to know how to combat the Charismatic Movement. Don’t know how to ask that as a question. What’s the difference between us and the How can we edify people in that church?

1What is the unforgivable sin? Mark 3:28-30

How do Neanderthals fit into the creation story? Do they?

Who was Cain’s wife?

Can Christians Judge Others?