What to Expect?


Firstly, we just want to thank you for checking out our church page and considering visiting our church. We desire to help you and your family grow in your relationship with God and want to make it as easy as possible.


Well, first off, we are a small, but diverse, church here in Grandview. God has blessed us with a very even split of members of different ages, races, and backgrounds. So whether young or old, single or married, in a fancy suit or a cutoff t shirt, you will find people here like you. 

 We have a main entrance off Euclid street, but also have a side entrance with handicap ramp on 4th street. We have parking along 4th street as well as parking in the grassy around the church. Younger children can be dropped off in the Tots Church downstairs before church starts and elementary aged children will head downstairs after our opening time of worship.

 Our services begin with a few worship songs lead by our worship team. We praise God through a variety of songs including many newer contemporary worship songs as well as traditional hymns. After this time of worship we have announcements, a greeting time, and then a time of prayer. Following prayer will be a verse-by-verse message from the Bible. On almost every Sunday we will be making progress through a specific book of the Bible. We go verse-by-verse until we have studied and learned the entire book. All of our messages are recorded and can be listened to on the message page or the church app. After our message we will close with a time of response including more worship, prayer, as well as taking communion. A typical service lasts about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Once the service is over we have more fellowship time downstairs. We always have snacks and drinks and we enjoy taking that time to grow as a family and talk with one another.


We definitely encourage all of our members to bring their own Bibles and something to write with. The message will given from the New King James Version Bible, so that would be the easiest version to follow along with, but any version will work. Don't have a Bible? That's ok too! We've got Bibles in the pews that you can use and even take if you are in need of a Bible or know someone who needs one. We also have a few Bibles (and some great books) for sale in our church book store. .


We desire for all people to be able to come to God comfortably and we firmly believe in the "come as you are" philosophy. Jesus and His disciples probably only had once change of clothes. On any given Sunday you will see some members in jeans and others in slacks. Some with dress shirts and other in t shirts. So again, come as you are! 


Would you like to be prayed for? During our closing worship time we encourage those seeking prayer to come to the front and to be prayed for by the men and women of the church. Don't want to come up front? That's fine! But if you truly do need some prayer, we'd encourage you to at least send us a message on our prayer request page.


Our top priority at the Revival Church is to give TO you! We want you to be blessed by our church fellowship. For those who do desire to give back to God, in the form of tithes and offerings, we do not pass a plate at RC. You will find a small offering box near the entry of the church and you can feel free to give as the Lord leads you on your own time or you can give on our app or website. 


We have two kids classes that meet downstairs during the service. Our younger class starts at the beginning of the service and is for kids from 3 months-6 years old. The elementary age kids can sit with their families during the opening worship and announcements and then go down with their teacher during the break.